In 2016, Konsens started to manufacture Motorized Level Sensors by activating over 20 years of electronics, automation and planning accumulation. In order to make the products in powder and granule structure to the level of stock in the healthiest and most durable way, it has carried out working tests for 2 years, and after the necessary corrections have been made, mass production has started for our customers so that we can always stand behind them.

After that, we will continue to offer the best for our customers by following innovations continuously. With the Konsens Motol Level Sensor, it will always continue to raise the quality bar to a higher level by making an assertive entrance to the sector in terms of technical and competence.


Innovation and Technology Development, located in the consensus center, is working with a large team of engineers, architects and industrial designers who have undersigned academic studies.


Leading the sector with its design office, Konsens develops new functional products and technologies. Konsens, which can produce world-class solutions to the demands and expectations of its customers, creates value with the designs it develops.


Konsens, the center of constructive ideas that are sensitive to the environment, perfectly adapted to natural conditions and each of which is part of an integrated solution, provides high satisfaction by offering unique opportunities with the quality it provides with international standards as well as time and cost savings.